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Why Have A 
Worship  Ministry

Music brings people closer to one another, and closer to God. The Worship Team exists to teach biblical truth through creative elements breaking down barriers through music. If you're musically or vocally talented, audition to be on the team!  Contact Tessa Yackle at for more information.

Why Have A 
Tech  Ministry

If you want to help produce or generate what the people of M.A.C. might hear or see online and in our Sanctuary, come join the Production Team. You can help produce a weekend experience with  helping to  program lights, mix audio, direct cameras, and keep all the technical aspects of M.A.C. up and running.

If you are interested in helping with the Tech Team,
please come upstairs to the 
balcony area before or after the service. There will be someone located upstairs in the Tech Booth for 10 minute after the service. Or you can email  at
for any information.

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