Danny Hodges

Senior Pastor


I was born in Newton, Iowa on March 6, 1962. I resided in Knoxville, Iowa until I was in 4th grade. My family moved to Newton, Iowa due to the fact that both of my parents, Joe and Nyla were employed there with the Maytag and Vernon Companies.  As a child I didn’t attend church. Both of my parents came from church families but due to some incidents in the churches and their own families dynamics, they left the churches. I had an uncle Ted, who was a Nazarene pastor. He was a kind man. I was told once by him that when I was a 4 year old boy I wrapped my arms around his leg and looked up at him and said, “Uncle Ted, when I grow up, I want to be a pastor like you.” I believe God had his hand on me even as a child.

Life continued, I grew up playing football and living my life for momentary pleasure just like most high school kids did then and now. I was not a bad kid but I did not have God in my life. God did give me a Nazarene grandmother and an uncle who was a pastor to be praying for me throughout my life. When I was a junior in high school, I was invited by my cousin Tim to go to church to meet a girl. I started going to Community Heights Alliance Church in Newton, IA. I was 17 years old. I kept going. I would listen to the message every week, one Sunday the Pastor gave an altar call. I was wrestling with the Lord the whole time, I shook in the pew. I was being pulled by the Holy Spirit. That first time I resisted. I walked out of their full of disappointment in myself. I prayed to God, “Dear God, if you have another altar call this Sunday, I will go down and give my life to you.” I was not aware that I could pray that prayer anywhere and he would save me right there. Another Sunday came, Ian Hoover preached another salvation message and before he completed the invitation, I ran to the altar. I gave my all to Jesus that day. I was never the same. God radically saved me. I started reading the Bible for hours every night. I couldn’t get enough. The words jumped off the page to me. I read that you believed and were baptized. I went to the elders and told them I was reading the Bible and it said you believe and get baptized. I need to be baptized. So soon after, I was baptized with immersion.  


I continued to grow and was discipled in my faith by Dave Newell. At this time, God  was preparing my wife for salvation and ministry. We met when she was 17 and I was 20. We were married young. Every time there was a call to respond for full time ministry, we were on the altar saying yes to God’s call. He sent people like Dave Pressure and Clyde Wiley into our young lives and many from Community Heights to help point us in the way of our call to full time ministry.  We were married in 1982 and headed to Bible College in 1985. We had 3 daughters during college. We graduated in 1992. We have served God in many different pastoral roles for 28 years. We actually began church ministry in Newton, IA and all during college which added up to 35 years of service. We have lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and Arizona. 


The role I have recently accepted here in Blairsburg, Iowa is our 9th full time ministry. We have been married 38.5 years. Our oldest daughter is Amy who is 37. She is married to Cory Orr and they have 3 sons: Treyce 15, Carter 13, and Cade 10. My second daughter is Christy, she is 34. She is married to Todd and they have a son named Jack who is 11, and a daughter named Bristol who is 9. My youngest daughter is Lacey, she is 32. She is married to John and they have 4 daughters. Evelyn 8, Nyla 5, Sady 3 and Mabel is 10 months.  I love my dogs, Noble and Bella, I love hanging out with my family, I enjoy working out, hiking, motorcycle riding (sold mine in AZ), and much more. I grew up in Iowa and have a great love for the people of Iowa. I’m glad to be back. 

Jill Thompson



As church secretary, Jill Thompson helps with the day-to-day needs of MAC Life Church.  A few of her responsibilities include office management, administration, and assisting pastoral and ministry staff. The most fulfilling part of her job is helping people at MAC fulfill their ministry dreams and goals in whatever ways she can. 

Bob Hinkle

Tech Coordinator

As Tech Coordinator, Bob is responsible for making sure all computers, projectors and TVs are set up and running through out the church on Sunday mornings. Setting up mics, computers, cameras, and making sure everything is ready for live recordings are also an important part of his job.  Throughout the week, Bob is responsible for the scheduling of many volunteers, producing videos, and keeping all tech up to date. Bob and his wife were married 28 years ago in the old sanctuary (now the Cafe), and they have attended MAC for the past 27 years.